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Firewall rules and AP Mode

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Firewall rules and AP Mode


I am trying to confirm the implications of setting L3 firewall rules on individual SSIDs regarding the mode the AP is set in.

There seems to be conflicting information on the support website.  It implies that L3 rules will only take effect if the AP is in NAT mode.  However later it goes on to say that L£rules can be applied in bridging mode.  This does not sound correct to me as in bridging mode I am assuming the AP is just acting as a L2 bridge and will not be L3 aware?

Anyone had a similar issue?

We are using a mixture of MR53 and MR84.

many thanks


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Re: Firewall rules and AP Mode

It is my understanding it works in both case.  Just in bridge mode it acts like a transparent firewall.

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Re: Firewall rules and AP Mode

can you post the url?

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Re: Firewall rules and AP Mode

In fact the "deny local LAN acess" blocks access to all RFC1918 address space - so does exactly the same thing.  it also says "This feature can be used in both Bridge Mode and NAT Mode.".'Deny_Local_LAN'_settings_in_Cisco_...

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