Firewall Layer 3 Rule for MX device and SSID

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Firewall Layer 3 Rule for MX device and SSID

Hi Team,


I have to block some specific IP facing Internet. I am confused in term Layer3 Firewall Rule available on MX firewall as well As on Wireless Option. I have MX firewall and MR AP are deployed under it also I have BSSID scenario.  


Mx Firewall-->Firewall--> Layer 3 Rule

Wireless-->Firewall and traffic Shaping--> Layer 3 Rule


---IF i apply any rule on MX firewall under layer 3 rule then will it be also applicable for clients ( Wireless-Firewall Layer 3)


---If I block anything on MX , will it block for everyone.


Kind of a big deal

Re: Firewall Layer 3 Rule for MX device and SSID

Hi @ranjankumarsgh 


If you apply Firewall rules on your MRs then only your wireless traffic will be filtered.


if you apply on the MX then all applicable traffic will be filtered.

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Re: Firewall Layer 3 Rule for MX device and SSID

Thanks for clarification.

Can we apply Layer 3 rule with Multiple Source IP and Multiple Destination Ip's together in single rule instead of single rule for each source and destination. I am not sure whether Comma between IP's will work. Please let me know the given example as below is correct format for Layer 3 creation with multiple destination Ip's.


E, G

Source Port : Any

Source IP: ANY

Destination IP: X.x.x.x, Y.y.y.y, Z.z.z.z, A.a.a.a.

Destination Port : any


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