Enabling MAC based access control For Meraki Wifi SSID

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Enabling MAC based access control For Meraki Wifi SSID

Hi All,


Want to enable MAC based access control For Meraki Wifi SSID.


I have enable it on Meraki dashboard and add the Radius Server however im not sure how it will work in the background and what all configuration i need to setup on Switch on which MR device is connected or on Radius server.


Thanks in advance 

Kind of a big deal

The configuration on the switch (between the switch and the access point) depends on what IP addressing you are using for the SSID. If you are doing any VLAN tagging for the SSID then you will need a trunk between the AP and the switch. If not, then you just need the management VLAN on the link to the access point.

The configuration on the RADIUS server depends on the product you’re using. Fundamentally you’ll need to configure the NAS/NAD (i.e the access point) that the RADIUS requests are going to come from - either the specific management IP address of the access point, or the entire management subnet - the secret you configured for RADIUS server in the Meraki Dashboard, and the MAC addresses. Depending on the sever you may have to configure a password for the MAC address, and this will just be the MAC address again. There are likely some rules needing configuring too, but these are server dependent. Have a look in the documentation, they normally have some basic examples to get you started.

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