Curiosity about the software implementation on the new MR57

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Curiosity about the software implementation on the new MR57

Hey as I also deal with regular Cisco gear I was fascinated to see the MR57 is also Cisco hardware implemented on the Meraki stack.

I'm curious how this AP will work at the software level.

Will it be an EWC-AP firmware running on it?
Or will the Meraki cloud be using a c9800-cl somewhere to handle these boys?

How about updates?
Updating EWC-AP's involves updating EWC image and AP image separately and takes some time.

Will they be using SFTP to download?


How about the mDNS AP feature, will this work directly on the AP? Will it support all _services_ instead of just a small subset on the regular AP's?

It must be difficult handling software both on the Cisco side and the Meraki sauce on top.
I'm curious to hear the thoughts of a Meraki employee.

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