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Client association question

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Client association question

I have an iPad which was in use and showing connected to my wireless network however the last logged association to a WAP was two days previous.  I get that if it remained on and connected to that particular WAP there shouldn't be another event but given that it was two full days (let's even call it a day and a half) and there is no way the device was on for the entire period (the location would have shut down for the night twice) it seems odd to me that I don't see a fresh association message being logged.



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Re: Client association question

Has it perhaps been left in the same location for a couple of days?

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Re: Client association question

It's possible but not probable.  The device is used as a mobile PoS terminal and is carried around the location.  We've only got two waps so it's possible that it stays associated to just the one but as I look through log entries I see historically it and other devices moving between the two or re-associating after having been turned off or going to sleep.

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