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Cisco Wi-Fi Analytics for iOS

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Cisco Wi-Fi Analytics for iOS

Cisco announced "Cisco Wi-Fi Analytics for iOS":

Apple and Cisco interoperability allows Apple devices running iOS 11 or later to recognize Cisco Aironet WLANs running AireOS software version 8.5 (as of Oct 2017) or later.


What does it do?

"When iOS devices join the wireless network, they report to the access point their “view from the ground.” This report includes the iOS device view of access points and their channel and signal levels that the client detected before joining the current access point. The report also mentions the iPhone or iPad hardware and software release details, to allow the WLAN network to make a better prediction as to which access point to recommend to the next iOS device of the same type needing support in the same area. Also, upon client dissociation, the iOS device provides a reason code. This additional element of analytics information allows the network to understand whether disconnections are due to user actions (such as disabling Wi-Fi on an iPhone), network issues, or RF challenges. Cisco Wi-Fi Analytics for iOS allows the Cisco WLANs and iOS devices to interact more efficiently by enabling the access points to tailor their responses to each iOS device type and location."


Is this integration coming to Meraki AP's as well?


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Re: Cisco Wi-Fi Analytics for iOS

haven´t heard anything. Have you checked Wireless Health on Meraki MR?

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