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Changed RADIUS server but...

New here

Changed RADIUS server but...

Hey all,


New to this site. We have run Meraki for 3 years now so that says something. I need to point RADIUS service to another server. Easy enough... I added the new server, tested it fine and deleted the old server from the "Access Control" page. Using Wireshark, I see SSL traffic from the WAPs but I still see traffic heading to the old server?


I verified the settings were/are saved on the site. The WAPS reflect config is current. I have rebooted the waps via console tools. The only thing I have yet to do is to unplug the thing to hard cycle power.


I have around 150+ WAPs so I really don't want to have to power cycle off of them. Has anyone see this activity in the past and any cure for this ill?


Thanks in advance...

Kind of a big deal

Re: Changed RADIUS server but...

Do you by chance have another SSID that might still have the old IP configured? (small chance just figured I'd ask).

When you say you see traffic heading to the old server, what kind of traffic is it? Originating from the AP itself or clients behind it?
Nolan Herring |
New here

Re: Changed RADIUS server but...

AWESOME ANSWER... I have 3 and had looked at 2. I actually didn't realize each SSID can be pointed to separate RADIUS servers but it makes perfect sense.


Cheers mate.

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