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Hello guys,

I was wondering if it possible to verifiy who made a specific change on an SSID configuration, like for exemple if someone modifies 802.11w settings . I looked at the change log page but can't find it. Anywhere else i can search for that info ? Or maybe this kind of change is not logged at all ?

Thank you for your help.

Kind of a big deal

On the change log, you are able to see all modifications.


Is it on data retention time?



I cannot find this info on the change log page, and its a recent change that has been made yesterday. I only can see like major changes (SSID enabled, port disabled/enabled ...). But for exemple if i made a change on the 802.11w settings on an SSID, i can't see it.

You're right, I tested It, have you tested It sending the log for a syslog server?

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A quick test of enabling 802.11w on an said didn't log it as a change. Instead, it logged the change as "SSID PSK - value did not change".


Its feasible that it was enabled at the same time as other configuration was changed on the SSID (enabling/disabling, PSK change etc) and therefore the change got logged as that.

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