Can I relocate access points to a new organization ?

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Can I relocate access points to a new organization ?

Hi everyone,


I need to relocate every access points which are present in an organization to a new.

Of course, when i say "relocate" this means on a dashboard.

Knowing that i'm just network admin on organization,  I have fewer rights compared to the Organization Admin


How can i transfer this access point to my new dashboard ?

It is necessary to delete them on organization ? 


Thank you very much.



Head in the Cloud

You need to remove them from the network and then remove them from the Inventory. I don´t know if you can do this with your account when it´s not a full organization admin.

Then you can add them to an new dashboard.

The problem is: you can´t move the licences by yourself, you need help by Meraki, and this is difficult.

Thank you !

When you say " you can't move the licences by yourself", it's because i'm not the organization admin or because there is a there is a procedure that only Meraki can handle ?


You can move the license via a support case if you are admin. 

If you are not admin of the current organization you have your org admin can do this via the support case.

Yes, that´s it. Exactly.

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