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C4W configuration

New here

C4W configuration

Hi everyone,
I ask your support for a problem that sad me.
I have configured the MR70 parameters as written in the Meraki documentation but the splash page doesn't appear.
I have already put the C4W server IP in the walled garden and inserted the external splash pahe URL but the situation doesn't change.
Anyone know how to help me?

Here to help

Re: C4W configuration

Ok, it sounds like you are wanting to configure your AP for a 3rd party RADIUS provider. I have never heard of C4W but should be the same.


There are two spots to that you have to do this:


  1. Wireless-->Configure--> Access control this is where you establish your RADIUS credentials /Walled Garden etc. on a per SSID basis.If you have done thi properly you will see an OK for your RADIUS server



     2. Wireless-->Configure-->Splash Page. Again, set on a per SSID basis.



Kind of a big deal

Re: C4W configuration

Could you post a web link to the product you are using?


Re: C4W configuration

Hello Mark

First Step :

be sure that your VLAN Guest is propagated proprely on all interco ports + AP ports (if any)

Second step :

Create your Guest SSID

Association requirements: Open

Splash page Sign-on with : My RADIUS Server

RADIUS for splash page : Put C4W Radius Servers (1812 Port Auth and 1813 for Accounting)

configure walled garden

Addressing and traffic : Bridge mode + TAG the vlan ID (if any)


go to Wireless => Splash Page :

Custom Splash URL : Or provide a URL where users will be redirected : put your C4W Splashportal URL

Splash Behavior A different URL : put your C4W Splashportal URL

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