Building an External Captive Portal

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Building an External Captive Portal

SO I have visited the documentation on how to build this using API's. My question is more around if anyone in the community has built a captive portal and collected Data with it. 



For instance our Captive portal would load our e-commerce web page for login or you would sign up for an account at the time of sign up. Then once you have logged in you would be forwarded to a YouTUbe history of business video. 



Any thoughts?




Kind of a big deal

You can almost do that using the standard captive portal.


Can you authenticate against the ecommerce portal user database using either LDAP or RADIUS?  This would let you authenticate users - but not allow sign up.


You can then use the option to redirect to a specific URL after login.


I'm working on a simple solution for restaurant guest wifi to record the name and email address, after consent, with a external captive portal. 


It records the details with a time stamp in a CSV file on the web server.


After you authenticate it forwards you to the restaurant website.

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