Bonjour is inaccessible in the mornings

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Bonjour is inaccessible in the mornings

Hello, I have a Meraki MR55 at the office with an SSID setup as bridge mode. I have a couple HP printers that are all the same model, which all support AirPrint.


For some reason, every morning when I come to the office, the printers are not inaccessible via Bonjour. I cannot print via AirPrint (printer shows as offline) or access their configuration page via Bonjour domain name (i.e. https://npic62da0.local). I can, however, reach them by direct IP address.


If I restart the AP, the printers immediately become accessible via Bonjour. They will then proceed to work flawlessly for the rest of the day, until the next morning.


During the time that the printers are inaccessible, Windows machines are able to communicate just fine with the printers as they connect by IP.


As a test, I made one of the printers connect by wire. That morning, I can access the wired printer via Bonjour domain name just fine, while the wireless printers continued to be inaccessible until I restarted the AP.


I did a lot of tests but couldn't find anything. Nothing strange in the logs. The wireless frequency channel doesn't change. No interference.


We also have an Apple TV at the office and because AirPlay uses Bonjour, it also is not accessible in the mornings.


Before we got this Meraki AP, we had a different wireless AP from Cisco and we never had this issue. They both had the same SSID settings.


Please someone shed some light into this extremely annoying mystery.



Kind of a big deal

If you have to reboot the AP once a day to get it to work then this should go to support. That's not normal, and not likely something that can be fixed here.

Kind of a big deal

Just a thought its not the printers going to sleep and printing via another method is wakign them up and making bonjour broadcast again?


I'm thinking the answer is no but just trying to think outside the square.

Wish that was the case, unfortunately it is not. Even if I restart the printers, they will still be inaccessible via Bonjour until I restart the AP.

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