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Bad placement of Floor Plan change announcement

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Bad placement of Floor Plan change announcement

Went to place a floor plan today and was greeted by the following message directly above the map window:


"We have recently moved Map & floor plan under Network-wide tab. The page will no longer be available under the Wireless tab after January 31, 2019. For additional information please refer to our documentation"


That is good information to know but WHY did the Meraki team make it so that the message cannot be minimized and take up valuable screen real estate? It is hard enough to accurately place the floor on the amount of space that exists. I had to forgo placing the floor plan until I had access to a larger monitor.


I have many more floor plans to place so I hope that someone realizes this and rethinks the announcement placement very soon.


Edit: Found out after posting that clicking on the 'documentation' link gets rid of the message. 



Here to help

Re: Bad placement of Floor Plan change announcement

For God's sake please allow us to hide the above message and not have it repeatedly show every time we alter the maps and floor plans. 

We GET it you moved the Maps and floor plans now give us back our valuable screen real estate!

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Re: Bad placement of Floor Plan change announcement

I don't see that banner if I navigate to the maps and Floor Plans by way of the Network-Wide tab.  However, getting there by going the old way through the Wireless tab does show the banner.

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