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BLE connectivity on Meraki AP's

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BLE connectivity on Meraki AP's



I know the Meraki AP's can emit beacons and scan for beacons.


Is there any ability to actually connect to a BLE device and transmit data to and from the device? Once I've scanned and found a device, is it possible to listen for data on a specific service/characteristic set up on the BLE device?


For example, if the AP finds a fitness tracker, is it possible to request the number of steps walked during the day (assuming the fitness tracker is equally designed to send the information out on a specific service/characteristic it exposes)?


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Re: BLE connectivity on Meraki AP's

Hi amorb,


It is not possible. The bluetooth is really only a means of beaconing and will not be able to pair with a device.

Here is a list of the specified fields we can receive via the bluetooth radio:




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Re: BLE connectivity on Meraki AP's

@amorb to add to the reply from @RyanB I just wanted to add that while there's no bluetooth pairing, there are plenty of really cool things that can be developed when leveraging Meraki APs as BLE beacons.  That is, it becomes simple to initiate mobile technology actions based on user proximity and apps can be built (by you or 3rd party developers and partners) that react to the beacon transmissions, and allow a business/school/etc to interact more personally with customers/users/students through mobile apps.


There are plenty of examples: home and office automation, proximity-based marketing (like in retail, popping coupons for camping equipment when you enter the sporting goods department), college/university campus wayfinding and other kinds of student engagement (walk past the dining hall and the menu pops up, or walk into the library and be directed to available quiet rooms), or public event interaction, or self-guided museum tours, etc, etc.


Many technology partners are leveraging BLE and Meraki's APIs to deliver new, helpful and powerful user/customer experiences.  Check out and for a BUNCH more information.

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Re: BLE connectivity on Meraki AP's

Hi Ryan,


In addition to your answer. What are the future plans of Meraki in the short period in supporting of transmitting data to and from a BLE devices? For example in collecting healthcare information from wearables and sending this data to a person healthcare record.   

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