BCP for "WiFi on parks" solutions.

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BCP for "WiFi on parks" solutions.

Hello there!
I want to hear you all for the Best Current Practices in implementation of "WiFi on parks" solutions, from the AP models to the Earth Grounded (Electrical stuffs).
Maybe, there are alot of documentation for this case so if that is the case, I will be gratefull if you can provide me the current information, URLs or Repos, and another case if not exists we could make some propuses for make a unified BCP for the community.
What do you all think?
Regards for all.
Diego Aguilar.



Head in the Cloud

Re: BCP for "WiFi on parks" solutions.

 I am still waiting for Meraki multi VLAN bridging with their accesspoints. Cisco classic accesspoints can do.

We need more than one VLAN to bridge for VoIP and cashdesks for mobile sales booths in our fun fair park.

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