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AutoRF - Freeze Time Periods

Kind of a big deal

AutoRF - Freeze Time Periods

You know what would be great?


If an AP with 30 clients, some on active WebEx calls, didn't change channels because its fancy pants algorithm decides that 'RF' would be better on another channel. The impact of it changing channels is way more severe than the act of it sitting on a channel that isn't 100% 'optimized'.




Dear Meraki,


I appreciate what AutoRF does, however I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to tell it to 'freeze mister!' during my business hours of operations (9am - 5pm kind of thing). Please provide us with this option so that I don't have to revert back to a static channel plan.


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Nolan Herring |
Kind of a big deal ww
Kind of a big deal

Re: AutoRF - Freeze Time Periods

Does  the channel not only change if the AP has no clients connected? i think i have read this in the documentaton at some point..

I can imagine this happens when DFS kicks in. 


Did you check this with support?


Kind of a big deal

Re: AutoRF - Freeze Time Periods

Not a DFS channel thing.
It still changes if there are clients
I believe however it 'supposed' to not change when there is active traffic passing. Not sure what the limit is, so like if there is like 50Kbps or less it will change or something. However I think that applies to 26.X algorithm, not sure about 25.X
Saw it do it when someone was on WebEx video call, for sure passing more than 50Kbps.
Found this:
"Note that previous iterations of Auto Channel (before 802.11h) would not switch channels if a client was currently associated. Because Meraki now changes channels while clients are associated, it can lead to disruptions with clients using real-time applications that don’t support CSAs. If this is causing a negative impact, Meraki Support can revert this behavior upon request."
Nolan Herring |
Building a reputation

Re: AutoRF - Freeze Time Periods

@NolanHerring  I agree entirely that the fine tuning of channels should not interupt clients when an AP has a large number of active clients, however, would it make the same decisions at say 8am or 6pm when the number of clients and client utilisation/interference is low ?  Surely the best fit decisions it makes are based on the high channel utilisation/interference when the AP's are busy during office hours.


Ideally, it would remember the findings during the day, draw up an optimised plan and implement out of hours.  It would then analyse the perfomance the next day (when busy) on those changes, compare with previous settings, and fine tune further if needed (and apply new plan again out of hours)


Nice article explaining autorf here, which I think Nolan may of already found



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