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Air Marshal - LAN containment

Getting noticed

Air Marshal - LAN containment

Has anyone had issues with the LAN containment and Air Marshal not obeying SSIDs that have been whitelisted (specifically Meraki SSIDs)?  In one of my campus buildings, I have 3 WAPs in their own network.  This is so our Incubation Team can use this wifi as they want since they have access to this small network.  When we first set up this building, I made sure to whitelist the SSIDs that the small network was broadcasting and I do not contain anything in Air Marshal in the 3-WAP network.  All of the sudden, the main building wifi started containing the 3 WAPs.  I opened a case and have had LAN containment OFF since October and was told I am waiting for a fix from the engineers.


I am not sure why this started happening in the first place but wonder what kind of 'fix' is needed.  I would think that if engineers were working on a fix, this would be a bigger issue that would be experienced by other people out there.  Again, other rogues that we whitelist are OK, it's just the one's that are legit Meraki SSIDs from the 3-WAP network.

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Re: Air Marshal - LAN containment

I don't have any customer instances that have this problem. In my past, I know for a fact that a bug has been present which affected Air Marshall containing Meraki AP's with a certain OID of AP's even if they were whitelisted.


My advice would be to just continue to bug support for a Fix. 

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Getting noticed

Re: Air Marshal - LAN containment

I wonder if that bug was present in a firmware since things worked great before.  Guess I will continue to BUG Support. Haha

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Re: Air Marshal - LAN containment

hi, same issue here, it seems. opened a case just a few minures ago.

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