About 5g channel width problem

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About 5g channel width problem

I set the channel width to 20MHz in the 5G radio setting, but I see that the client connection is still using 80MHz for the 5g client connection. What is the reason for this?thanks



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That is what the client is capable of, not what it is using.
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@PhilipDAth is correct, you are specifically viewing the client capabilities. 


To identify what a channel width a specific client is using navigate to the Network-wide clients page and add channel width to the menu options.

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but i see to channel width is also 80MHz  on the Network-wide clients 


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I see that those 2 clients were last seen this morning. If you made that change after that I would reset the wireless network connections on those clients and give the dashboard some time to reflect those changes.

I am seeing this myself...I have an MR42 AP configured to use 40MHz channel-width, but my client device is reporting connected at 80MHz.



Korey, that is incorrect. I have been troubleshooting this same thing & finally got confirmation. The "Channel Width" column on the client page is displaying the client's capabilities, not what they are actually connected at. This is bad design on the part of the meraki dashboard. 


For example, I'm using a single RF Profile that is applied to all of my AP's. The RF Profile designates 40MHz wide channels for 5GHz. If you look at my wireless clients, most of them say 802.11ac capable and 80MHz wide channels.


I submitted a feature request for this to be changed.

Any traction on this feature request I wonder?
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I agree this needs to be updated on the client list page.  Having to drill down to the AP itself  just to the actual channel width being used is redundant. 

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