ARP Failures: How to fix

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ARP Failures: How to fix

Good morning,

 My site has been Meraki and trouble-free for 5 years but recently we have had to restart AP's left, right and center to combat slow speeds and connectivity issues.

 This morning I have noticed many AP's have "ARP failures" but am struggling to find out how serious this is and how to remedy the issue. The Meraki notes I found don't seem to explain it all that well. From what I gather, its maybe a problem when a client roams between AP's and guessing it can be ignored but feel I should be doing something.


Thank you

Kind of a big deal

Often that means it is having trouble contacting the default gateway.  Is a Meraki MS or MX the default gateway for the APs?


Also, check Organization/Firmware Upgrades, and see if there have been any recent firmware updates around the time the problems started.


While you are there, check that the APs are running a minimum of the latest stable firmware.

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