API endpoint for Air Marshal - "Should clients be able to connect to rogue SSID's by default"

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API endpoint for Air Marshal - "Should clients be able to connect to rogue SSID's by default"


Just wondering if there is a way to enable or disable this setting via the API? There does not seem to be an API endpoint to control this feature. However I thought I would just ask here in case I was missing something.


I would like to have a method in which I can do this (enable or disable) across a large number of networks. Is there a way to do this small setting change at scale?





Thanks in advance for all help and assistance on this.

Kind of a big deal

Hi ,

I have looked into the documentation and the OpenAPIspec and wasn't able to identify an endpoint corresponding to that configuration.

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You should probably be very careful about using SSID containment anyway - note the cautions in the Air Marshal guide:   https://documentation.meraki.com/MR/Monitoring_and_Reporting/Air_Marshal#SSID_Block_List


If I remember, this uses over-the-air disassociate messages, so is chewing your airtime too

Kind of a big deal

Using auto-blocking is recommended in cases where you believe there is a rogue access point in your infrastructure. If you identify a rogue AP, it is recommended that you locate it and fear the appropriate measures.


As informed by @GreenMan, It consumes Airtime too.

Getting noticed

Thanks for the responses guys, whilst there is no solution just yet to what I am trying to achieve programmatically, I am sure in time Meraki will add an endpoint for this. To this effect I have provided feedback in order to hopefully bring this to their attention.



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