AP's not applying RF profile

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AP's not applying RF profile

Hi Guys,


I have modified my RF profile, the biggest changes are to use 20Mhz wide channels on 5Ghz and reducing the transmit power on the AP's. However out of the 40 AP's, 7 are on 80Mhz and 13 on 40Mhz even tho I explicitly set the profile to manual 20Mhz. These are brand new AP's out of the box.


The profile is applied to a template which in turn has been applied to the network in question.


I have tried restarting the AP's and re-applying the profile with override, but nothing seems to change whatsoever.


Any idea's?


Much appreciated.

Kind of a big deal

Do you have physical access to the APs right now? Can you try a quick factory reset to ensure they're pulling a completely fresh config?

Kind of a big deal

I agree with @Nash give it a factory reset so it pulls a fresh config.

Thanks for replying guys.


Unfortunately, I do not have easy access to the AP's, they are already mounted. They have been prestaged with a management Vlan making it very tricky to get it back online with minimal involvement...


Also, I could accept if it where to happen on one or two AP's, but we are talking about half of them. (20 out of 40) This seems excessive to me. 


In addition to this I have 200 more to go in different networks but for the same org, this will become unmanageable.

Ok, it now seems that has rectified itself without any involvement. Some AP's are still putting a bit more power out then what is allowed but all channels are now on 20Mhz.

It has taken 3 days from installation to adjust...

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