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3x Meraki mr16 by PoE in a Netgear GS728TP

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3x Meraki mr16 by PoE in a Netgear GS728TP



Tested them on 3 different switches and no go. 

Tested on a Netgear FS728TLP (normal poe), nothing. Just a little Orange led on power of AP.

Tested on Cisco 3560G PoE 48ports, same result. 

So I figured, this might only go on with PoE+, because I recall reading somewhere that from v25, meraki ao would only work with PoE+, regardless of the "low power" feature.

As so, tested the on a Netgear GS728TP (which has first 8 ports PoE plus 30w), and still nothing, same result.


I read people complainig about different configs on their switches just to make them work. Enable lldp, disable lldp on some HP, force max power on Cisco, etc... In the end, is a bit annoying.


Anyone out there with Netgear were able to make it work? 


Thank you 

Kind of a big deal

Re: 3x Meraki mr16 by PoE in a Netgear GS728TP

LLDP is used for part of the power negotiation - so 100% make sure LLDP is enabled.

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Re: 3x Meraki mr16 by PoE in a Netgear GS728TP

It´s enabled, but not sure if is configured as required.
What points of LLDP should be important, or what are the main settings to be achived?

Thank you
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Re: 3x Meraki mr16 by PoE in a Netgear GS728TP

Been in touch with netgear, but also no one has a clew about what´s wrong. Should be working, should work on any normal PoE switch... this is becoming in a time consuming operation, instead of an easy and smooth upgrade.


First time using Meraki products, and probably the last time also. Was about to go for Netgear WAC or Linksys LAPAC units, but after hearing about Meraki, and seeing the "cloud" capabilities, comparing prices, maintenance, I decided to get 3x units Meraki mr16. Glad I didn´t purchased the license yet, and was on the 30 day trial, that was enough time to see the troubles I was getting in to.


Due to the cheap cost of the hardware, not much was lost, and probably going to flash the DDWrt or Cucumber on them and going straight to Ebay.


Too much effort, to many switch problems and PoE compatible issues, to many picky settings, just to make them confortable working. In the end, end user want a reliable working product, without needing an IT guy every week just to adjust setting or to keep them going.


At this point, I wouldn´t and won´t recommend Meraki. Want hard and working? go for main company Cisco or Motorola. Want easy and working? Go for Linksys, Netgear, whatever... Want easy, but not working all the times? Go for Huawei (lol :D) but never go for Meraki.


Sorry, just my personal experience.


Thank you

Getting noticed

Re: 3x Meraki mr16 by PoE in a Netgear GS728TP

Probably no DHCP on the PoE port ?
Have you test by connecting to the port with a laptop to see if it can grab an IP?
Note each MR16 will require 10.5 W hence it should work for 1 or 2 AP?
Probably Power not enough? (If DHCP IP able to grab from a laptop)
I recommend you to try on a pure PoE Switch instead.
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Re: 3x Meraki mr16 by PoE in a Netgear GS728TP

DHCP is on and giving IP´s to other devices I connect to the same port, or any other port.

Power should be enough, as tested on normal PoE, and on PoE plus (30w) devices.


Tested on Cisco and on Netgear PoE and PoE+, I guess I can´t get much more pure then that.


Anyway, they are on their way to trash or ebay, already bought Linksys LAPAC as replacement, pretty happy with them.


Thank you


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