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VLAN Trunking with Meraki switch

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VLAN Trunking with Meraki switch

Like simple diagram shown,


I configure Meraki switch Port 23 and 24 as Trunk with "Allowed VLANs" set for All.


Specific VLANs are tagged on the links from the ESXi hosts into the Meraki switch. So does this mean VMs on the same VLAN running on ESXi 1 and 2 can communicate with each? Or I still need to do other configuration on Meraki switch to make the layer2 forwarding work?


Trunk with Meraki.jpg

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Re: VLAN Trunking with Meraki switch

Should work. If VMs are configured on the same VLAN then they should be able to communicate with each other - you don't need to do anything on the Meraki switch other than establish the trunks.

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Re: VLAN Trunking with Meraki switch

By default a port on a Meraki switch is configured as a trunk port and allows all VLANS. You shouldn't have any issue getting this to work. 

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