POE Switch unable to reach meraki cloud always

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POE Switch unable to reach meraki cloud always

We have an MS390-48P POE Switch. The device keeps on disconnecting in the cloud. At first the light is steady white, but now it's blinking randomly. We are worried that this may cause more problems in the future. Can anybody here help us solve this? 


The firmware version of the switch is MS 14.32.



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blinking randomly white? Update

blinking randomly rainbow? booting

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When did it start? Is there a pattern to the behavior? Any other switches in the mix and what are they doing? Have you opened a case with support?

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From the Meraki firmware changelog:


  • In rare instances, MS390 management plane will disconnect from dashboard until rebooted

Rare instance but I had a data center with two MS390s where one lost dashboard connectivity followed by the other a week later.  Both came back after a reboot.  Only management plane affected as client didn't even know there as an issue.

Additionnal info:  that was from version 14.33.1 changelog, but the case I had was from MS390 running 14.32, same as you.  So it might be an issue since before 14.33.1.

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