MPLS failover to auto VPN

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MPLS failover to auto VPN

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Did anyone here had a luck following this document ? I have a setup similar like stated in the document. If the MPLS down, it successfully doing auto switching the traffic to auto vpn, but not vice versa. I realized that the problem lies on the static route tracking function that only allow to ping IP address within the same subnet, in my case it ping to LAN port of the MPLS point to point interface. So when MPLS down, static route will be auto disabled both sides but when the link recovered, static route was not activated automatically as stated in the doc due to no route to other side LAN, which means it will not auto switching back to MPLS link (MPLS here means IP VPN as described in the docs) . Is there any ways to get around this issue? 

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Create a static [untracked] route for the WAN subnet you are trying to ping via the MPLS routers Ethernet IP address.


That way the tracked ping path will only try and run over the Ethernet.

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