Layer 3 gateway setup

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Layer 3 gateway setup

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I have been experiencing an issue that I am sure is an easy fix and I hope some one can shed some light on what is going on. I have a Layer 3 meraki switch that I want to setup as a gateway for a certain subnet. I am very familiar with the traditional cisco approach to this. First, how might I set an ip address for an interface, which is the uplink from the gateway to the core gateway. (Ex. Core gateway: Int g1/1 ip address and other gateway x.x.x.2/30). Second, after completing that how would I make a default static route for that interface (Ex. Traditionally: Lastly, I need to setup seperate VLAN's for the meraki switch I want to use as a gateway. (Ex. Traditionally: Int vlan 100 ip address

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If I understand correctly, you have the uplink interface with a route to the core gateway. Then you have a VLAN where the switch is the gateway for.


The issue I can see with this so far is that you do not have a route from the core gateway going back to the switch for the subnet you are setting up for. In your example, you will need a route from the Core to to the switch at


Depending on the switch model and topology, you might just want to use OSPF for this instead of a static route.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can't configure an IP address on a specific interface.  You have to create a VLAN and assign a port (probably in access mode in this case) to it.


Here is a Meraki MS L3 overview.

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I'm going to rephrase that last post.


You can't configure an IP address on a specific physical interface.


You can put an IP address on a L3 interface in the Routing and DHCP section of your Switch menu.  L3 interfaces are required to be associated with a VLAN in the Meraki world.

Is this something that is on the roadmap or chosen not to be? Is it possible to enable with software update later?

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