Installing new MS425 Meraki Cloud-Based Switches.

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Installing new MS425 Meraki Cloud-Based Switches.

Our company is upgrading our switches to new MS425 Meraki Cloud-Based switches.  We are moving to another location.  I just two qestions regarding setup. We have Meraki MS225 & MS325 switches.  Is there a config files need to get the switches online or is a config-file needed?  Can that be done by the dashboard API?  We are adding new MS425 and need to have similar port configs and the MS325.


Any information you can provide would be most helpful.


Thank You!


~ J

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Kind of a big deal

You'll find a plethora of information on


P.S.: There's no config file or something that would need to be "scripted" as with legacy networking equipment.

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There are no config files, all is provisioned via the cloud. When expanding the network, a port based setup (VLAN, Trunk/Access settings, etc) might be reasonable.

But of course you can clone configs and replace devices (similar or identical without any issue)


There is still a small downtime for some

clients on the old switch, but that’s feasible.

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