Comprise CC terminals lose network access.

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Comprise CC terminals lose network access.

Our Comprise CC readers will work for a period of time, anywhere from days to months and then a single Comprise CC reader will display a generic error message that reads 'Network error'. When this happens I can connect my laptop, configured with the same static IP settings as the CC reader, using the same network cable and switch port and successfully gain access to all of the required Comprise online resources required for the CC reader to function. Rebooting the CC reader does not resolve the issue. The only way I can get the CC reader back online is to physically plug the reader into a different switch port that is configured identical to its original switch port (same switch or different switch in our Meraki switch does not matter) and then reboot the CC reader.  At this point, the CC reader's error message is gone and the reader works successfully.  Sometimes when this happens Meraki cloud will show me that there is no network connection between the CC reader and the switch, but other times it will show a successful connection. I have performed a ping test from the CC reader to our internal switch gateway IP and to Google's DNS and neither can be reached from the CC reader.  Comprise support is adamant that the issue exists with our switch infrastructure. This issue floats around between all 5 of our CC readers. I know you can generate a .pcap file for analysis however, I am not one to interpret .pcap output very well.  Has anyone else had something similar?  If so, what did you discover and how did you resolve the issue.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This would be many improbable things.


I'm wondering if ARP is failing.  What model Meraki switch are you using?

MS350-48FP.  I have also attached an image that shows the device is disconnected from the switch.  If I configure my laptop with the same static IP settings and connect using the CC Readers Ethernet connection, my laptop can get to all of the required Comprise CC Reader online resources.  I can, of course, also ping the gateway and Google's DNS at via my laptop.  I can not do so via the CC Reader.




If you hold your mouse over the red cross what does it say?


Are you using dynamic ARP inspection or packet flood controls or DHCP server restrictions or anything else configured on the switch? 

Thanks for the help.  Now it says the device is connected, but the status of the device CC reader has not changed.  It still does not have access.  See image below for more info.


DAI is disabled

Storm Control has no rules defined

DHCP is not configured for this VLAN.  We use all static IP settings for the CC readers


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hi @psneathen we have always run (different brand) CC readers with DHCP in their own subnet, is there a reason you need static IP?  It should of course work perfectly well but DHCP can keep things 'awake'

I had our CC Reader vendor say the same thing, but he could not justify the 'why' we should do this.  I have Meraki support engaged now and am going to take their lead, but should we hit a brick wall and they have not instructed me to use DHCP...I think that might be my next steps.  I'll let you know how it goes and thanks again for all of your help.   It is much appreciated.

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