Before the truck O' switches show up, where can I get Meraki training ?

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Before the truck O' switches show up, where can I get Meraki training ?

I have around 150 switches showing up soon, and we have been a traditional Cisco shop until now. The sales guys all seem to just say, " Oh, it's easy. You do it all from the dashboard ! ", but that doesn't answer any questions. I know I need to setup a school district wide template of settings that will be on all switches, and I would like a school site specific template I can "push" out on top of that, if that is doable. I also want a best practice " Setting up a Meraki domain or network or what even term is used in this " universe ". I want to have it all ready to go, by the time the gear hits the sidewalk. 


I'm just not seeing the online content for Meraki as I have for Cisco. 



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Kind of a big deal

Start with the learning hub link right from the main community page.




From there you can select what makes the most sense for you. There's some sales stuff, and some technical stuff. Most of the technical assumes you already have a CCNA (so don't expect to learn networking) and just walks through how to configure Meraki gear. 

The sales people if they are doing their job should have pointed you in the direction of ECMS1 and ECMS2 training, bear in mind ECMS2 has very limited spots at the moment. 


Otherwise feel free to ask away here and congrats on your purchase. 

The Learning Hub has nothing, right now. Nothing in my area and nothing virtual. 


There are some decent training videos on Youtube.

Do a search for Meraki switch training.


The Cisco partner that sold you the switches "should" be able to help you with the configuration and installation...


We did not include installation in the bid. Just the hardware. I've seen a few demos form the sales rep via a remote session, so I know some of the screens, but not enough in depth stuff to feel confident in building a network and templates from scratch. 


I'm looking at the Explore Webinars, linked above, but my guess, based on the titles is that they are not " How To...." videos but more sales videos.





@JohnW63  The beauty with Meraki is you can create your dashboard account and claim your inventory before the gear arrives, you simply need the order number.


I do this with all of my orders as it means I can have the equipment configured and loaded into our asset system so that as soon is it arrives I can unbox it, apply the asset label and install it straight away. 

I read about that, and it will be a big help. That was a reason I picked Meraki over sticking with traditional Cisco. I just would like to have our network already laid out and all the settings ready to apply to the switches as soon as I can.  I don't know if we have an order number, yet, because it's e-rate funded and my Director hasn't let me know when the vendor will get the check and place the order or however that process works. 


Just trying to avoid the " Figure it out as you go " learning process. 



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Also check out this repository of automation scripts: 


In particular, this one can migrate Catalyst 3k switch configs (3750, etc): 

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@JohnW63  apart from what my colleagues have said i also recommend you train with meraki full stack webinars 

they will also help you to catch-up with the solutions


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