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Meraki Webhooks Azure Integration

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Meraki Webhooks Azure Integration

I have been trying to set up webhooks alerts in MS Teams by using a Logic App in Azure, but I've hit a snag where the Azure app is not being triggered by the "Send Test Webhook" button in the Meraki dashboard.


Right now I have an app that does nothing but get triggered by any POST request, and replies with a 200 OK status. If I send a POST to the Azure URL via Postman, the app is triggered and I get the expected 200 status. If I add a test webhook HTTP Server in the Meraki dashboard sending out to (which just returns a 200 OK status), the test succeeds. However, if I put the Azure URL in the Meraki dashboard and send a test webhook, it fails.


I'm not sure what I'm missing here. I'd love to use the webhooks alerts feature, but none of the services like Zapier or support MS Teams. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Meraki Webhooks Azure Integration

I second this.  I've fooled around trying to get it to work about a month ago and didn't have any luck!