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Meraki Switch Swapper

Meraki Employee

Meraki Switch Swapper

Hi all,


I built a simple tool to swap out identical Meraki switches. It's intended as a PoC for a service technician who needs to go to various customer sites to replace a device.


Beyond the basic functionality, this tool was built so that it could be extended or altered to fit your own tooling needs. 
It's built with VueJS/Nuxt and can be installed as a local web app (PWA). I've deployed it as a live demo using Now, but also configured it to run in Heroku or as a Docker instance.

Live Demo:

(view in My Videos)

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Re: Meraki Switch Swapper

@DexterLaBora Sweet little tool for doing switch swaps.

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Kind of a big deal

Re: Meraki Switch Swapper

Wow!  What a great effort!

Kind of a big deal

Re: Meraki Switch Swapper

Very nice workflow!

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