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Inconsistent splashAuthorizationStatus PUT behaviur

Comes here often

Inconsistent splashAuthorizationStatus PUT behaviur


I'm trying to expire a session using the Meraki API splashAuthorizationStatus, however nothing changes. I'm not sure if that problem it's related to this Locales are not supported because we're using a composed network


Actually I'm using the networkID that I got from the Deep Link because when I did the PUT using the netwok ID from<organization>/networks I got the error that is mentioned on the ktzanet Post  {"errors":["Locales are not supported"]} and HTTP code 400.


This is my PUT body
{ "ssids": { "0": { "isAuthorized": false } } }



And this is the response from the API



    "ssids": {
        "0": {
            "isAuthorized": true,
            "authorizedAt": "2019-06-04 15:49:23 UTC",
            "expiresAt": "2019-06-05 15:49:23 UTC"



That doesn't make any sense, Am I doing something wrong?


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