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Dashboard API + Alexa = Every parents hallelujah moment!


Dashboard API + Alexa = Every parents hallelujah moment!

Posted this earlier on my twitter account but i thought id share it with the community as well.


I had som spare time during the holidays so i started to fiddle around with the Dashboard API. That resulted in a voice control to block/unblock the kids Internet access using Amazon Alexa integrated with the Cisco Meraki dashboard api.

It works great!, although the response time of the Dashboard API's sometimes is so high that it causes the Amazon api to think it lost connection with it.



I did this as a proof of concept as i really don't believe in this form of parenting.
But with that said i think that it could be use full in an occasion when the kids won't let go of their iPad's or similar devices.

In version 0.2 , Im thinking about adding a "The Dinner is ready" function that blocks all internet traffic, until the kids have cleaned the dishes *lol*

(view in My Videos)


Meraki Employee

Re: Dashboard API + Alexa = Every parents hallelujah moment!

What's your Lambda timeout set to? That can allow the Alexa service to wait longer instead of borking.


Also, for those who are interested, we have a guide on how you can build your own Alexa skill. Cisco DevNet also has theirs here. Enjoy!


Re: Dashboard API + Alexa = Every parents hallelujah moment!

Nice!, haven't seen your guide. Im using an RPI as backend with HTTPS req. so I'm not running the backend on AWS Smiley Happy

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