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Add AP to appliance network/Change network type

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Add AP to appliance network/Change network type

I'm working on automating a wireless deployment. We currently have each of our branches using an MX appliance, and have set each network up as an appliance or wired network, rather than combined, so that configuration sync would work. Now however, we're adding AP(s) to each branch.


When trying to add an MR device to the network via the API, I get an error that I "Cannot add devices of wireless to a wired network". Alright, that's fair. I'll just change the type of the network to combined first. But, there's apparently no option to change the type on an existing network. I found that the network creation call has an option to define the type, but the update call does not. I also looked to see if the Dashboard interface itself has an easy way to bulk convert networks from appliance to combined, but that doesn't seem to be possible either.


I considered creating each wireless network as its own network, and then combining them into the appliance networks, but there doesn't appear to be a programmatic way to combine networks either. While manually combining the two networks for 250 branches would be do-able, and still an improvement over no automation, it's not ideal.


So, my question, is anyone aware of an effective way to change network types via the API? Or is there a better way to achieve the goal of adding an AP to an existing appliance network?


Any help/ideas are appreciated. Thank you.

Kind of a big deal

Re: Add AP to appliance network/Change network type


But, there's apparently no option to change the type on an existing network.


*edit, forgot to paste this*

Adding more than one device type to a network will automatically convert that network to a combined network.

However that doesn't really help because you want it to already be in the 'combined' mode.

Sure seems like a catch-22 lol

If you create the networks for the AP only, I believe if you just 'move' the AP to the MX network that would do the automagic part for you.

So you could at least possibly automate the AP network creation, but then you'd most likely have to do the move to another network part through the GUI

Nolan Herring |
Comes here often

Re: Add AP to appliance network/Change network type

Yeah, that's the conclusion I've come to as well. I'd have to make the AP networks separately and then manually do the combine action. 


And yeah, adding an additional device type to the network converts it to a combined network with no issue at all, when done from the Dashboard. When attempted from the API, it gives an error. I'm only trying to change the network type ahead of time in order to be able to add APs to the networks. If there was a way to add the APs via the API and have it automatically change the network type, I'd be very much down with that too.

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