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API - /api/v0/organizations/9999/inventory request contents

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API - /api/v0/organizations/9999/inventory request contents



We are trying to get Inventory information out of the Dash board to feed into other systems CMDB etc...

 the Organization Inventory screen in the Dashoard would give us everything we need Except IP address.


The API call - /api/v0/organizations/9999/inventory gives us what we need per Network Except Name ?

So we have to loop through and make hundreds of call ( thousands later ) to get that last piece of information for each device.

Could we please add the name to the Inventory call ?

( Or is there one other call we can make that would get us all the data we need per device )

IP / MAC / NAme / Network / Serial / Model / Claimed / Country-region / Network Name / Network ID ? /





Here to help

Re: API - /api/v0/organizations/9999/inventory request contents

VAfter investigating this Further - the IP Address returned by the API query is NOT the device IP, but  the NAT overload address ?

so the API call is all but Useless ~

 ( for our needs )

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