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smart cameras

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smart cameras

hello community


why is there some  video streaming delay of more than 5 seconds and its not real time streaming?

Kind of a big deal

Re: smart cameras

It's explained in this doc:


Basically it's due to how HLS (the chosen encoding method) works.

Getting noticed

Re: smart cameras

When we installed our MV cameras (summer 2019), we knew there was a delay. We were experiencing 8-10 seconds. Starting around October, we now see 3-5 second delay. I don't know if something changed in the firmware or in our network infrastructure, but it got better in October. We can live with 3-5 seconds, and my understanding is that with cloud/web technology, it will never be 0 second delay. Maybe they can bring it down to 1-3 seconds.


I can see needs where 0 delay is needed. For us, 3-5 is OK.


We have 100 MVs, all hardwired.

Esteban J Nunez
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