What happen with Storage on MV71 if we have a damage?

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What happen with Storage on MV71 if we have a damage?



Actually we have a solution for survillance on bus and there are son cameras that not recording anything on local storage, ¿How to validate that storage works correctly? ¿is there a procedure or documentation?


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Hello @Censystems-Prev,  I assume you're trying to ask that how do you validate that the Meraki MV camera's are storing video footage locally when not having an up-stream network connection?


To my knowledge there is no way of doing this. I'd suggest opening up a support case via the dashboard to see if there's anything that I don't know about. If they also advise that there is nothing you can do, make a wish from within dashboard.


(Could be a great feature if you could verify that it's recording via the local status page of the camera!)

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Kind of a big deal

@MilesMeraki We'd need a local status page to exist for that 😉


The answer may be as long as the status light is green, the camera is operating normally. Granted Meraki does not really design products to be used without a constant uplink to Dashboard so this is a bit of an odd use case. 


If an MV camera can not talk to Dashboard it will be unable to synchronize it's metadata with the cloud. The camera will continue to cache metadata and record video as long as it is powered and has storage. Once connectivity to dashboard has been restored the camera will upload it's cached meta data. If the camera has been disconnected from dashboard for some time, it may take a while for the synchronization to be complete e.g. > 5 minutes.


If you try to access video for a period of time that has not yet been synchronized with dashboard is likely you will be shown the 'No Video' message for the time you are requesting. If you wait, you should be able to then watch the video as long as all the normal retention parameters are met e.g. the video was not discarded due to motion based retention not detecting activity.

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