New feature: With Motion Recap, find relevant events even faster

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

New feature: With Motion Recap, find relevant events even faster

Motion Search analyzes motion data to make it easy to find events. With Motion Recap, you can now find relevant events even faster by seeing the entire event in one image. (Note that this feature is only available on second generation MV cameras.)


  1. When doing a Motion Search, you will now see your results in the form of Motion Recap images. With Motion Recap, objects in the foreground are tracked and a composite image is created to summarize an entire motion event in one image. Read this article for more information and examples.

  2. When looking at Motion Alert emails, you will also see an associated Motion Recap image for the relevant event. More information on Motion Alerts here.

Motion Composite - 360 Store Middle - Jun 10 2019 09_20_48 AM PDT - 1.jpg


Note: Motion Recap requires a small amount of additional bandwidth, but you can use Restricted Bandwidth Mode to turn off this feature. More on this toggle in this article here.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Just browsing

Is it possible to retrieve the Video Motion detection time stamp for the MV21 through the API or is this just a second generation feature?


Example, a motion detection was triggered at 13:45:10 hrs today (2020-04-22), It there an API call that can return: event at 13:45:10 hrs - 2020-04-22


I heard this is just a second generation feature, if not that will stop me to go and get the dates from Selenium.



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