Alert on Movement direction

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Alert on Movement direction



I'm not sure if this is possible yet in Meraki.


Basically I want to add different kind of motion zones:


e.g. entrance and street.


If someone is moving on the street -> no alert

If someone is moving in the entrance -> no alert

If someone is leaving the building (moving from entrance to street) -> no alert

If someone comes from the street and going to the entrance -> alert


Is something like this possible?


Kind of a big deal

What you're basically trying to do is define zones and determine whether an alert is generated based on the order in which these zones are triggered.


That's not possible today I'm afraid. Today we have motion areas of interest that will trigger regardless of what happens in other motion areas of interest.

Actually not only triggered zone order, but also movement detection.


With a order detection a simple car movement and e.g. 1  second later someone would leave the office, then the "motion zone order" would trigger an alarm.


So that means it will be a "wish"/feature request.


There are some other security camera systems which are supporting these kind of events. You can simply draw a line and add a direction. As soon as something is crossing the line in the defined direction, then it will trigger an alarm.

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