WT - Senors API

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WT - Senors API

I know the WT sensors have just been released however is there any indication on when the API/Documentation for these will be available?

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@D6 stay tuned for this next week, along with all the documentation and support docs and a blog post.  

Thanks Dave, Looking forward to it 🙂

Fantastic dave, Looking forward to seeing the API docs.

Hey Dave, any update on when the API's/Documents will be available?

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Hey @MerakiDave any update on the Sensor API's?

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Hi, I found only the list of events from MT devices using API, for the door and water leak sensor is enough but for temp/hum I have an entry only if there is an alert change.


Any idea on how to collect temp/hum data over time using the API?

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Just wanted to echo this request! We are definitely hoping to see API documentation soon - and really hoping that includes notifications via webhook.

Hey team, coming soon, still considered beta until things get more field exposure, and I will re-echo the request internally and keep the pressure on! In the meantime work directly with your Meraki team on API-specific work on MT.


You can find it on https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/api-v1/#!get-network-environmental-events


At the moment I can only see connection lost & humidity events though =(

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Hi, just followed the link but no API Infos for MT. We are using them already and want to have a possibility to shedule  the event alerting. for example to be able to don't sent alerts during office hours. and having the possibility to easy deactivate the alerting during a defined time. for example if there is a maintenance windows in the night.

Any news on this topic?

I would like to receive temperature indication every X minutes or when there is a change in readings. Is this possible or are you planning to make it available?

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API for the MTs is currently in Beta.  You can contact Meraki Support to enable it on your Organization.  


Once it's enabled, you should be able to see the endpoints under Help > API Docs.

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Already asked for access.

Keep you posted on further questions and/or suggestions.

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