Meraki Sensors 4 for 2 Promo - UPDATED

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Meraki Sensors 4 for 2 Promo - UPDATED

After listening closely to all your feedback, we have officially decided to update the Meraki Sensors 4 for 2 promo to include all standard license terms!

MT sensors can be added as a "mix-and-match" as long as the total SKUs on the BoM is four (4) HW units. 


Eligible SKUs include:



Head to the Meraki Partner Portal to learn more about this exciting offer and start helping customers turn any environment into a smart space!



Kind of a big deal

@David-H : Awesome, Thanks for update !

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Kind of a big deal

It also helps a lot now that all orgs get 5 free sensor licences as well.

@PhilipDAth Definitely! The free licenses and 4 for 2 promotion should significantly help customers get started with MT. 

Head in the Cloud

Just to clarify. As we now have 5 free MT sensors licenses available in our dashboard orgs, does the 4 for 2 still work on MT sensor hardware-only sales?

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@MilesMeraki The 4 for 2 promotion still requires 4 licenses to be added to the purchase order for the discount to be applied. The four licenses will be added in addition to the 5 free, and can be used with any subsequent MT hardware purchases. 

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@David-H Hi David, I noticed that the 10 MV Sense license do longer gets added to new Orgs, is that correct? 

Hi @Alisdair85, 10 MV Sense licenses are still automatically added to new orgs. The only caveat is that the org must have a gen2 MV smart camera claimed already. Once you claim the MV, the licenses will show. Here's a link to the Meraki documentation where it briefly explains this behavior. 

Please let me know if you are experiencing something different so the product team can investigate. 


Thank you.

Great thanks @David-H for confirming the license behaviour ! 🙂 

Comes here often

good deal David. how do we get it?

@QRSsystems reach out to your local Meraki rep for more information. If you are unsure who that is, please fill out the contact us form and someone will reach out to you.



Will there be some more promos like this?

This one is expired

Hi @MerryAki our promotions change all of the time. If you're a Meraki partner, you can find all of the latest promotions on the partner portal. If you're a Meraki customer, please reach out to your assigned sales representatives to learn what promotions are available. 

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