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vMX100 in Azure Hub vNet Question

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vMX100 in Azure Hub vNet Question

hi sir,


We deploy vMX100 in Azure (hub-to-spoke vent design), we put it into "Hub" VNET. However, usually, in Azure design, hub VNET has gateway subnet (in which /27 subnet mask in address space is the common design). When I deploy the vMX100 in this vnet, the error prompt showing that "This virtual network has insufficient address space. The address space must be larger then /24.) How I can solve the problem. Since we usually hold /27 on subnet gateway, it is not possible to amend it into /24 because this subnet is just for vpn gateway or expressroute gateway. Any thoughts on it?? 






Kind of a big deal

Re: vMX100 in Azure Hub vNet Question

Add a new network and make it a /24.

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