vMX Server Support Inquiry

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vMX Server Support Inquiry

Can I configure vMX on servers instead of Azure/AWS?  And if so, what are the server requirements?


Thank you!

Kind of a big deal

No, the vMX is only available on supported public cloud environments, to date these are Azure and AWS (and I believe also Alibaba) - GCP is on the roadmap for sometime next year.

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vMX supports deployment on AWS/Azure/Alibaba Cloud international already from Nov 2020, GCP (Google Cloud Platform) is on the way and coming very soon.

For the China region, as of today (Nov 4, 2020), vMX only supports the deployment on the AWS China cloud, Alicloud is coming very soon.

You can get the vMX from the marketplace on different cloud providers as above. 

Kind of a big deal

...which is a shame.

It would be great to have private cloud support...

Hi there,


What is the date for vMX support in Alicloud China regions please?



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