Whitelisted URLs with Captive Portal and Active Directory

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Whitelisted URLs with Captive Portal and Active Directory



I'm trying to determine the precise way that Meraki MX units process URL Whitelisting...


We use the MX units for content filtering and users are assigned a Meraki Group Policy through their Group Memberships in Active Directory.  This all works fine and users are able to access the correct resources.


If a non-domain machine attempts to access the Internet they are prompted for authentication with the Meraki splash page as we would expect and want.


However, where we have an issue is with whitelisted URLs that are set at the network level.  Should we expect to be able to access the whitelisted URLs without hitting the splash page?


Thanks, Dan

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hello @dan400007 


The Network access for the users that are supposed to be auth via Splash page will be restricted to the Walled Garden domains that are listed under access control. So, it is safe to assume, without looking at you dashboard, that the Whitelisted URLs are not accessible for such users before authenticating via Splash Page. 


Let me know if you have any questions.



Meraki team

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