Site to Site Issue


Site to Site Issue

Hi Everyone!


Have you had issues with Meraki to ASA VPN? I'm currently having issues on it.

Every time the VPN expired it will renew it's P1 and P2 then establish a new connection. 

After the new connection is up there would be an issue with decapsulation from one of the subnets from ASA just one subnet but the rest is flowing.


To remedy this issue I usually clear the sa peer from ASA, if it still won't decapsulate I will remove the crypto map from ASA.


We also just replaced our ASA recently and this thing is still happening.

Please do tell me if additional information is needed.



Kind of a big deal

Yes I, I tried a bunch of different settings both ASA and the Meraki Z3. 


The weird thing is this doesn't happen on regular basis, it happen anytime it want.

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