Routing setup - Needing some advice.

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Routing setup - Needing some advice.

Hi All,


So at the moment, we aren't running one of our MXs in routed mode, but we are going to be soon.


At the moment at this site, They have one WAN - Main Connection (MPLS - With Internet), We also have a separate connection (No internet access over this) to access provider services (This need's to be seen over the MPLS)


The current setup at the moment is all PCs have Static IPs (Two IPs's the WAN connection Subnet & Provider Services)


The current plan I've got is to put the MX in Routed Mode and use an L3 Device / Router in front of the Provider connection which has a LAN IP from the MX, I can create a Static Route to the Provider via that IP. Then for it to be seen over the MPLS, I can either put two dumb switches between both connections and connect them both or I some form of NAT'ing on the MX.


So I'm pretty much wondering if this is the best way to go about this or could I utilize a Meraki L3 Switch (L3 Interfaces?) 


I should state, that changing the IPs on the provider services router is more hassle than it's worth...

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