Routing a public subnet through MX

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Routing a public subnet through MX

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It has been asked before - and I think it may be in or near beta - but where are we at with routing a public subnet through a MX, to allow us to put public IPs directly on devices (rather than 1:1 NAT)?


We have a few clients where we're having to use ASAs where a MX would do, just because certain systems can't work with 1:1 NAT.






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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You still can't do it in NAT mode.


I've never tried, but it should work in transparent mode.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Possibly coming soon in beta to an MX near you.  🙂  No details or timeline but it's always best to keep the wishes and use cases coming so the team can categorize and prioritize new feature requests.  Meraki Community isn't for making feature requests (I know you were just asking for an update) but for others reading the best way to handle FRs is to discuss with your Meraki or Meraki Partner sales teams (or your Support Engineers when working a support ticket) so they can filter it back to the appropriate contacts.

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Just place the MX into Passthrough mode?

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