Our 2nd VMX100 is going down in 2-3 months

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Our 2nd VMX100 is going down in 2-3 months

For some strange reason (un-identifiable) our 2nd VMX100 hosted in Azure is going down. From the Meraki dashboard it seems as the hardware (which actually is a VM / Managed App) is down. The dashboard part seems fine. But we are unable to identify what happens to the VM / the managed app. There are no alerts or warnings on the Azure. Since the managed app is a locked resource, so we cant even reboot or restart. There is nothing we can actually do with it. Did anyone came across with similar situation. Any guidance to troubleshoot would be highly appreciated.
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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This is a classic Azure - and it is really painful when it does this.  Azure support will also not be able to help.

<rant>It's moments like this I really hate Azure, and reminds me of why I mostly use AWS.</rant>


The fastest solution will be to redploy the VMX.  I promise you.  Don't waste your time trying to fix it or dealing with Azure support.

Yeah thats what we are doing. We wasted time in our last VMX100 failure but at the end we had to rebuild the environment. Anyhow thanks. We will try to host one VMX in AWS.
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