Non meraki Peer site to site with Azure VMX

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Non meraki Peer site to site with Azure VMX

Have a Azure vmx-m deployed with autovpn to a couple sites in same org without issue. We are wanting to create a site to site with a non meraki appliance.  On the VMX side I should be using whats showing for the public IP as the endpoint correct? Right now the wan shows the virtual network created in azure for it. I can't ping that address from anything. I believe all the transform sets match for IKEv1, only thing i see different is on the non meraki authentication they show Sha2-256, on meraki side, only SHA256. Not sure if that makes a difference. 

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I have the same problem here. I am still investigating. It seems that in the dashboard for the Meraki vMX the non-Meraki can be configured, but that the settings at the system level (Azure VM) are not accepted. After all, it is a fully secure and closed VM image

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