New Deployment of Meraki MX84

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New Deployment of Meraki MX84

Hello ,


I am  Deploying a MX84 . Sungard is providing the public Internet  . so i have requested them /30 block but as i saw in the post /30 does not work it needs to have minimum /29 Public IP block . 


2) My inside interface goes go to the Core switch . But in the meraki portal i did not see any option to create an another Interface . 

3) On the route table it was empty . I did not have an option to add routes .  I want to use this MX84 as VPN concentrator as there are some small sites so i need to connect back to them by another Z1 teleworker gateway .

4) How should i add static learned through remote sites ??


Thanks in advance for replying

Kind of a big deal

See here for a discussion of IP addressing on the WAN interface of MX devices:


I'd suggest you request from Sungard whatever size block you need as the only block you receive so you do not need to place a L3 device in front of the MX. 


For the static routes, you can add them under the "Addressing & VLAN's" page. This is where you can add static routes to anything upstream of the MX that you need to have access to.


How are you connecting to the remote sites? Are you doing site-to-site VPN or is an upstream device doing the tunneling and you simply need the MX to know about those routes? 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Unless you are deploying a pair of MX84's a /30 will work just fine.

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